Hotel Tønsberg

When you are looking for a hotel in Tønsberg, Hotel Klubben should be on the top of your list. Our great service, location, and rooms will give you the best experience possible.

The Hotel Klubben has the perfect location in the charming harbour of Tønsberg, with walking distance to a big selection of restaurants, museums, clubs, and shops. 


We offer our guests a healthy and tasteful breakfast buffet, open to 09:30 on weekdays and 10:30 on weekends. If you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in bed, we have a great room service to help you with that. 

Our guests also has access to our fully equipped gym, which is open every day from early morning to late in the evening so that you can work out when it’s convenient for you. We will also take your laundry off your hands, making sure you have a clean wardrobe. 

Bring your furry friend when you stay at Hotel Klubben, as long as you let us know who is coming when you’re booking your room. We are proud to be an animal-friendly hotel and will take good care of you and your best friend. 

Rich History 

Tønsberg is one of the towns in Norway with the most exciting history. The town was founded in the early Viking Ages, in the year of 871, which makes it the oldest town in the country. 

Today, there are plenty of landmarks and attractions you can visit to learn more about the Viking history, which is an exciting activity for the whole family. 


One of the world’s most significant finds from the Viking period is the Oseberg burial mound. This was the grave of the Oseberg queen, who was buried in a great longship along with her most prized belongings and another woman. 

The Oseberg Viking Inheritance Foundation has built a full-scale true archaeological copy of the Oseberg Viking ship that you can visit at Vikingodden in the harbour of Tønsberg. You can also find an archaeological copy of the famous Klåstad ship at Vikingodden. 

You can visit Vikingodden and see the ships every day, but on the weekends guides will also teach you about the area’s rich Viking history. During the summer season, you can test your abilities as a Viking rower and join the ships on expeditions.

Slottsfjell Museum 

While the original Oseberg ship is located in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, you can visit the Klåstad ship in the Slottsfjell Museum right here in Tønsberg. 

The ship is known as Norway’s fourth Viking ship, and is found in The Viking Hall inside the museum. This is the only preserved ship that isn’t placed in a museum in Oslo. You’ll also be able to see the story of the excavation of the Oseberg ship. 

In addition to the Viking exhibition, the Slottsfjell Museum houses The Whale Hall. This exhibition shows a display of different whale skeletons that was caught by whalers in the Tønsberg area in the 19th and 20th century. 

Tønsberg has a long history of whaling, which the museum is honoring. The main piece in The Whale Hall is of course the 27 meters long Blue Whale with a weight of around 150 ton. This is the biggest preserved blue whale skeleton known today. 

You’ll find these displays and much more at The Slottsfjell Museum which is located in the city center of Tønsberg, which is easy to visit even if you’re just staying a night or two. 

Summer Paradise 

Just a short car or boat ride outside of the city you’ll find Nøtterøy and Tjøme, two charming island communities that you and your friends and family can enjoy on nice, sunny days. 

Every summer, people from all over the country gather here to spend their vacation days in the Norwegian archipelagos. You can easily take the local busses out to the islands, which are departing several times a day. 

At the far end of Tjøme, Hvasser is located – a beautiful, charming little place with a lively harbour life, restaurants, and great places to sunbathe and cool down in the ocean. For example is Hvasser Syd a popular spot for swimming, kite surfing, and tanning.

Verdens Ende

Verdens Ende is also located in Tjøme, but at the south end of the island. The big recreation area has a great view over Skagerrak and is a perfect spot for fishing, swimming and enjoying the sun. 

Each summer, Verdens Ende fills up with tourists and locals looking to experience the best kind of Norwegian summer. For families with young children, this is the perfect place to spend a sunny day, with kid-friendly bathing spots and activities.

The area even has a small zoo at Stall Verdens Ende, where you and your kids can visit pigs, horses, sheep, bunnies, and chickens. 

Verdens Ende Spiseri is a nice restaurant where you can eat local dishes, among others, good wine and enjoy one of the countries’ greatest views of the sea. 

We are happy to help you if you have any questions. Contact us by phone or e-mail, you can easily book your rooms online. Enjoy Tønsberg at the nicest hotel in town!